Give me a break. I usually don't raise a fuss about the endless wave of remakes, reimaginings, re-conceptualizings, prequels of sequels and assorted other bald-faced money-grabbing ventures Hollywood engages in, but now we're being told that Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 film The Lodger is on the track for a remake! So it will be black and white? And silent? And will follow the same storyline? Well, no, obviously, but it has Alfred Hitchcock's name attached to it, so that's got to be worth at least something. The film will be directed by first-timer David Ondaatje and will be "re-imagined" as an "urban thriller set in Los Angeles" -- where Jack the Ripper committed some of his most heinous murders.

Ondaatje's film will be partially based on the novel from Marie Belloc Lowndes that served as the inspiration for Hitchcock's film, but it's hard to see how much inspiration it could possibly provide. Lowndes' book is about the Jack the Ripper killing spree, while this new film will have, according to HR, "two converging plot lines set in present-day Los Angeles. The first involves an uneasy relationship between a psychologically unstable landlady and her enigmatic lodger, and the second is about a troubled detective engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with an unknown killer." Translation: having Alfred Hitchcock's name attached to our complex detective thriller would really raise the coinage, so can we make that happen? We can? Awesome.

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