There's a little film called Get Some gearing up for production that is being called a "teenage Fight Club." Hmm ... A movie about teens beating the crap out of each other ... how uplifting! The film will follow a "rebellious" kid, played by Sean Faris (Yours, Mine and Ours), who is having troubles fitting into his new school. Somehow, he gets lured into an underground fight club along the way. Now, the Palahniuk, adult version of this tale had grown men pummeling each other to find strength, meaning and reason to their lackluster lives -- and for the main guy -- a little mental clarity. If this takes on the same tone, I won't be surprised if some parents get a bit ticked off.

As we learned last month, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane star Amber Heard had signed on to co-star as a girl whose "loyalties are put to the test when her boyfriend severely beats up Faris' character." Now, Variety reports that Djimon Hounsou (recent Oscar nominee for Blood Diamond) is also starring in the drama, although there is no word on his role. Since it's a starring role, I would imagine that he's either going to be a teacher at the school that's instrumental in trying to stop this, or a fight-hungry man instrumental in getting this all together -- or maybe a blending of both. The film will begin shooting in July, directed by Jeff Wadlow, from a script by Chris Hauty and Robert Munic. I, for one, am interested to see what they make of this premise, because it really needs to walk the fine line, unless there is a surprise twist and all the guys are pillow fighting. My question: Fight Club inspired middle-aged men to toughen up with their own underground clubs. Will the same happen in high schools across the country?
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