With shooting set to begin tomorrow, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone with a camera headed over to New Haven, Connecticut to snap some photos of the retro transformation currently underway. The Unofficial Indiana Jones Movie Blog now has a gallery of pics up for you to check out; all of which were taken in and around the town of New Haven and feature exterior shots of storefronts and such. In order to make this town look more like 1957 (the year the film is apparently set), folks had to find a ton of stuff appropriate with the time period. One building on Chapel Street received an entire facelift and a huge F.W. Woolworth sign has replaced whatever was there before (supposedly a Starbucks). Other little shops simply changed up their storefront windows, adding toys and clothes along with signs that read "These are not for sale."

From what we know, Indy won't be visiting any of these stores; instead, the street will be used for a chase scene of sorts featuring Indiana Jones on a motorcycle and a couple black vans. Yet, still, a tremendous amount of detail went into making this small town feel more like the 1950s. As we previously told you, shooting will take place for 10 days (with production taking off July 1 and July 4), and, apart from these street scenes, they'll be a good amount of stuff shot on Yale's Old Campus, including newly-written scenes inside Yale Law School. While we await a ton more spy photos to pop up, feel free to check out the first photo of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, as well as video from the first day on set. Indiana Jones and the City of Gods (working title) will arrive in theaters on May 22, 2008.

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