Isn't it funny how when we see the word 'penetration,' there's only one thing that comes to our mind? Food. Okay, in my household everything means food, but apparently others think differently. For example, Hollywood Elsewhere has up a scanned photo of the cover of a script called Penetration with the names Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio scrawled underneath the title. The comments following the post? Let's just say not all of them were about gay porn; one (or two) actually knew that Penetration was the title for that Body of Lies adaptation currently set up for Scott to direct. I'm not sure who chose Penetration as the new title, or -- better yet -- who in their right mind approved that title, but it's the one they're currently going with. I'm far from a dirty guy, but even I think there's something a tad wrong about a teaser poster that would read: Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in ... Penetration.

Ah, but there is news in here somewhere. When we first told you about the project (back when it was keeping the title Body of Lies), DiCaprio was the only one signed on. Now, apparently, Crowe has joined the cast ... if you believe the little scribblings found on the cover of that script. Penned by The Departed scribe William Monaghan (who adapted from David Ignatius' novel), the film will follow a former journalist who's hired by the CIA to track down an Al Qaeda leader who is planning an attack against America. In order to do so, however, he must penetrate this world and turn the bad guys against one another in order to find his man. I imagine DiCaprio will play the journalist/CIA operative, and since the scribbling trails off the screen, I can't see who Crowe will be playing (someone working for the CIA, I assume?). If true, this will be the fourth film featuring both Scott as a director and Crowe as the star, having previously worked on the upcoming American Gangster, A Good Year and Gladiator.

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