We haven't made any kind of official announcement, but Cinematical will be in full force at this year's Toronto Film Festival. We're sending a team to cover every film, event, hockey game, or whatever else there is to do up there, and I'll be bringing you a more detailed rundown on our activities as soon as it's available. Yesterday, when I got my press rubberstamp for this year's fest, I immediately started checking back to see what big films were expected to premiere this year. So far there really hasn't been much in the way of announcements, but this morning we got a big one -- Elizabeth 2. Or as it's officially known, The Golden Age. Cate Blanchett of course reprises her role as Queen Elizabeth and Geoffrey Rush is also back as Sir Walsingham, the Queen's trusted advisor whose main job is to sniff out plots and perform the role of spymaster.

The director of the first film, Shekhar Kapur, is also back for the sequel. Kapur directed Blanchett to an Oscar nomination for the first Elizabeth, back in 1998, so it's certainly possible that lightning could strike again on that front -- the Academy loves that kind of thing, and so far, Angelina Jolie is the only high-profile Best Actress candidate, for A Mighty Heart. Clive Owen also stars in the The Golden Age, as Sir Walter Raleigh; the film is expected to arrive in theaters on October 12. Other films screening this year at Toronto will include No Country for Old Men, Carlos Reygadas' Silent Light, Alexandra, The Flight of the Red Balloon and The Man from London.