In just under a month from now, ComicCon will officially take over San Diego, as well as every movie site on the web. Cinematical will be there along with our pals from Moviefone, so if you can't make it out there yourself -- fear not -- we'll make it so you don't miss a thing. And you'll want to stay tuned, because this year is shaping up to be the biggest ever, with a number of major announcements in the works and a host of super secret special advance screenings of films, trailers, teasers -- basically, it's like Disney World for comic and movie geeks. Some of the films being showcased this year will most likely include Star Trek XI (major announcements coming with this one), The Dark Knight (hopefully our first teaser or trailer), The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, Alien vs. Predator 2, Speed Racer and a whole lot more.

But those are just the big-screen boys; Rope of Silicon currently has up a list (via Video Business) of all the home video houses who will be on hand pimping upcoming DVDs. There's a ton of titles to sort through (all of which I included after the jump), but some of the more interesting ones I noticed were the separate DVDs for Quentin Tarantino'sDeath Proof and Robert Rodriguez'sPlanet Terror from The Weinstein Co./Genius Products. This is the first we're hearing about Rodriguez's Planet Terror (the more well-liked out of the two, according to most), but there's still no word on which DVD will include those fake trailers. Knowing those Weinstein boys, they'll put half of them on one DVD and half on the other -- this way, folks who want to see all of the fake trailers will have to buy both DVDs. Fantastic! Check out the entire list after the jump, and make sure you tune into Cinematical between the days of July 26 and July 29 as we hit ComicCon with everything we've got.