The guy behind the loved and quirky Benny and Joon, but also the one behind the much, much less-loved The Avengers, Jeremiah S. Chechik, is getting a stab at another feature to add to his docket, which already includes The Pornographer's Poem and possibly The Light-house. Shoreline has grabbed the rights to the novel Pomona Queen, by Kem Nunn. The premise -- "a vacuum-cleaner salesman becomes entangled in a homicidal biker's quest to avenge his brother's murder." Sounds totally plausible, right? So the aging hipster and salesman, Earl, is considered the best in town, but he wants to claim an inheritance and re-gain some family land. The guy ends up at the house of a crazy, trashy guy who is guarding the corpse of his brother until he founds out who killed him. Earl becomes entangled in the mess, which is connected to a band called Pomona Queen, and has strange ties to his own family history.

Variety doesn't mention who will be adapting the novel, but considering the fact that the author has also written for television (including Deadwood), I wouldn't be surprised if he adapts it himself. A cinematographer is also in place -- Christopher Doyle -- who has a much better track record than the director. Doyle's previous work includes The Quiet American, Hero, 2046 and Lady in the Water. The guy also directed a segment of Paris, je t'aime. It's enough to make me curious. Chechik has done well with wild stories before, and it should be pretty stylish with Doyle attached. And really, it wouldn't be hard for Pomona to be an improvement; The Avengers has an embarrassing 3.3/10 rating on IMDb, from 15,357 votes.
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