Forget about all that I told you in January about the Eloise in Paris movie. Well, not everything. Handmade Films is still, of course, the George Harrison-started company. Kay Thompson is still the creator, and she is the god-mother of Liza Minelli. The rest, having Nigel Cole direct a script from Janet Brownell and Erin Joslyn -- that didn't work out. Now Charles Shyer is grabbing the director's chair, and the new, contemporary script will come from Shyer, Larry Spencer and Hallie Meyers-Shyer (his 19-year-old daughter with Nancy Meyers). The director says: "The books consisted of a lot of vignettes, and the challenge is to create a cohesive story. There is sweetness and comedy, but there is also an underpinning of pathos and humanity." The new plan is to whip together the screenplay and go into production in February in London, Paris and New York. If all goes well and the film is successful, the next adaptation is already planned -- Eloise Goes to Hollywood.

This new directorial turn could bode really well for the film. Charles Shyer has written a whole slew of classics that I happen to like -- Smokey and the Bandit, Private Benjamin, Irreconcilable Differences and Father of the Bride. He also directed a few of those as well. Granted, his last feature was Alfie, but not every film can be long-standing and memorable. Undoubtedly, this will be big amongst the young girls, but I also hope Eloise's chase for the stolen dress won't be a fluffy hit, but instead, one of those quality family films.

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