Fox has tasked William Wisher, a screenwriter of very inconsistent quality who is responsible for both T2: Judgment Day and Judge Dredd, to put pen to paper for a big WWII adventure story about post-Pearl Harbor action. The project, which is currently moving forward with the old-school title of Escape of the Pacific Clipper, is about a crew who try to get a Boeing B-314 back from New Zealand to where it belongs after the sneak Japanese attack on Hawaii. According to Variety, the "crew races against the Japanese and Nazis to make it home," which sounds like it could make for a pretty good adventure story, if the elements come together. Interestingly, Pan Am honcho Juan Trippe is a character in this story. Since Alec Baldwin played Trippe in The Aviator, and he also played Lt. James Doolittle in Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, I say why not let Baldwin reprise both roles here? Hell, I just saw the latest Milos Forman film where Natalie Portman plays dual roles, and her characters even end up in the same place at the same time. Why not?

Wisher also wrote The 13th Warrior and Exorcist: The Beginning, and did polishes on both of the most recent Die Hard films, so I'm not really sure what to think about his ability to pull it off, but I guess we'll see. In general, I like the fact that Fox is gambling on big WWII-era epics like Australia and this; we'll keep you posted as more Pacific Clipper details become available. On another note, the Variety story also mentions that Wisher has another project in the pipeline called Pilgrim. That one is an espionage drama set in the modern-day Middle East, which will be directed by John Moore.

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