A book about the dilemmas of following ones dreams in order to ensure happiness or to wade in the waters of familiar security has Laurence Fishburneworking from his own ambitious heart. Fishburne, who is one of the most strikingly gallant, authoritative, vulnerable and adorable (Pee Wee's Playhouse anyone?) actors has penned his own adaptation of The Alchemist. The book was written in 1988 and is probably on every high school reading list around the world.

Warner Bros. backed the actor, writer and producer by obtaining the rights to the book four years ago. From Hollywood Reporter's analysis it seems that despite the finished script, the project was stagnate. Thus, Fishburne teamed up with A-Mark Entertainment (they produced Alpha Dog, which starred Justin Timberlake and received mixed reviews) in order to give the film its much-needed legs. So far, Fishburne will only have writer and director credits, but who will play the main role? Not sure, but they must fit the bill of a young Spaniard.

The Alchemist,
written by Paulo Coelho, is about a young Spanish shepherd who embarks upon fantastical journeys throughout his country and into the Egyptian deserts. The boy is seeking great fortune and hidden treasures that could change his life; if that's what his heart truly desires. The boy meets influential characters within his journey that add to the magic of the book. The script is described in the Hollywood Reporter as "Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones." There is no news on when the film will go into production, but with Fishburne's new team behind him, it will definitely take less than four years to get the cameras rolling.
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