I first rented Overnight Delivery one evening years ago because that girl from Man in the Moon was in it. I popped the video in, half watching it and half surfing the Internet. After maybe 10 minutes, I'd logged off and turned all of my attention to the movie because it kept making me laugh in spite of myself, and in spite of the questionable story. Really, it's a simple formula: Guy thinks the world of girl, finds out she's cheating on him, goes nuts and sends off a scathing package, finds out it isn't true and then goes on zany adventures to try and stop the package and save his relationship.

Paul Rudd plays Wyatt Trips, a young man who is so sexually pent up that he has become this strange, stiff romantic caricature who knows how to shmooze his girl, but not seal the deal for something more carnal. His relationship has become so by-the-book that he can't even notice the lack of passion behind it. He is, at times, completely ridiculous, something which often makes him seem unbelievable. However, it's Rudd's performance that really sold me on this film. I used to know someone just like him. In fact, the two are so similar, down to the way they say "oh, awesome," that it feels like someone found my old friend and studied him for a few days.

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