If you're a movie producer or production company worried about the eventual success of your movie (and really, who isn't?), you can be pretty sure that if you cast Leonardo DiCaprio in your film, you're probably going to be ok. However, if you feel you need a little extra insurance for some reason, you might want to try and snag another superstar to add to your roster. It would appear the producers of the upcoming Body of Lies are doing just that.

How, you may wonder? Well, according to Variety, they not only have DiCaprio starring in their film, Ridley Scott directing a script by The Departed scribe William Monahan (featuring an in-progress polish by Steve Zaillian) but now they've formally enlisted Russell Crowe to co-star with DiCaprio as well (which Erik Davis first mentioned as a possibility yesterday when the film was being called Penetration). Crowe, who's work with Scott stretches back to their first teaming on Gladiator, has worked with the director several more times on films such as A Good Year, the recently completed American Gangster and the upcoming Nottingham (which I mentioned to you a while back).

Obviously, Crowe likes to work with Scott and I'm confident the producers of Body of Lies couldn't be happier about him coming aboard their film -- except maybe when they have to write that big check. Although, that won't be coming right away, because according to the article, Crowe hasn't quite signed on the dotted line just yet. Instead, he's waiting for that aforementioned Zaillian script polish before committing to the film 100%. Still, with Scott as the director and Monahan and Zaillian being the kind of screenwriters who can deliver in a big way, I'm sure its just a matter of time before the producers of Body of Lies get to part with all that cash.