Since it's nothing at all like the giant epics we're used to seeing Peter Jackson direct as of late, The Lovely Bones is going to have to come with a fairly outstanding cast. Not a problem. Variety tells us that Ryan Gosling has just signed on to star opposite Rachel Weisz (who was cast earlier this month) in the pic. Both will play the parents of a girl who's murdered. That girl subsequently watches over her friends, family and murderer from heaven while she attempts to come to terms with her death. As of now, the 14 year-old girl, her murderer and the supporting characters haven't been cast. It will be interesting to see who Jackson and Co. go after for the part of the girl -- are there any teenage actresses worthy of the role, or will they snag an unknown? Well, there's one girl who's approaching 14, and I'm sure her name has already surfaced a number of times. Care to take a guess?

A lot of people will be watching Jackson on this film; although it's bound to include its fare share of special effects (curious to see what he does with heaven and the supernatural element), this is a much smaller film for a guy that's coming off four epic flicks in a row. It's emotional, it's gut-wrenching -- and with Weisz and Gosling, he certainly has a wonderful foundation in place. The film will begin shooting this October in Pennsylvania and New Zealand, with Paramount distributing worldwide. Gosling, who most recently starred opposite Anthony Hopkins in Fracture, can next be seen this fall in Lars and the Real Girl (about a guy who falls in love with a doll ... or something like that). No word on a release date for Bones, but I'd expect this sucker to hit during Oscar season in the fall of 2008.

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