Talk about stumbling onto the Holy Grail -- this is a bit like finding an unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald novel in your grandmother's attic, or peeling back some old wallpaper and discovering an unknown Mozart composition stuck to the wall. That's exactly what author Robert Sellers found during a clandestine meeting with an unnamed friend of Kevin McClory while researching his book "The Battle for Bond." If you aren't familiar, Kevin McClory is the man who wrestled legally with the Broccolis over the right to the James Bond movies, and eventually was awarded the right to remake Thunderball, which eventually became the (somewhat painful) film Never Say Never Again.

Hardcore Bond fans know we're talking about Warhead, the James Bond movie that never was. It would have starred (and was co-written by) Sean Connery and would feature James Bond batling robotic sharks, skiing on the Hudson River, terrorists bent on exploding a nuclear warhead underneath Wall Street, and helicopter attacks on the Statue of Liberty. According to Sellers, "It would have been the most extravagant Bond film ever." It might sound corny now, but to me it's already better than A View To A Kill, which is one of my least favorite Bond films.

It would have gone before the cameras in 1977 with a budget of $22 million, but the Broccoli's started legal proceedings against the film and things ground to a halt, never to be revived again. Check out some exclusive photos from inside the book over at Commander Bond, and think about what this could have done, for better or for worse, to the franchise.
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