A new batch of photos from the upcoming comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry have just hit the net, and one of them features Jessica Biel sporting a Catwoman costume that's pretty darn sexy. No, she's not auditioning for the sequel to Halle Berry's 2004 masterpiece (or is she???); instead, it looks as if she's partying it up at some sort of costume bash. I'm not exactly sure what kind of bash this is, as behind her it appears as if two men -- naked from the waist down -- are chatting it up in a pair of fold-out chairs. What's up with that Universal?

In the film (which hits theaters on July 20), Adam Sandler and Kevin James play single firefighters who pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefits. Problems arise when Sandler's character falls for the couple's lawyer (Biel) who believes the two are gay. It's a fairly comical premise, although I feel like comedies, in general, are relying way too heavily on gay jokes these days in order to get a few cheap laughs. Next thing you know, we'll have an entire film that revolves around "Your Mother" quips, and then we will have officially gone back to using seventh grade humor to reel in the box office dollars. Then again, should we expect anything less from Adam Sandler?

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