The more time they go between Superman flicks, the easier it is for people to forget who Brandon Routh is ... or was. IESB recently stopped Routh for a little video interview, and the dude said he's "itching to get back into the suit." The Superman suit, that is. But here's my question: Why wouldn't he be itching to get back into the suit? I don't see anyone else knocking down his door, and all the guy really has going for him right now is the fact that he's the new Superman. Problem with that is, you need to have a Superman film out or in the pipeline in order to be enjoying some decent work. Look, I'm aware the guy is doing a few little indie films here and there, but, for example, it's nothing like the work Daniel Craig is getting in between Bond pictures. So, is Routh really the right guy to talk to about these things?

Naturally, the Justice League movie also came up, and -- guess what -- Routh said he'd be down for that as well. Really? There's a shocker. Of course, Routh knows nothing about the project except that a script has been turned in and Superman is rumored to be involved in some capacity. If he is needed, though, Routh said he'd love to work alongside Christian Bale's Batman. As far as that Man of Steel (aka Superman Returns 2) project goes, Routh said he's currently scheduled to begin working on it early next year. "The sooner, the better," he noted. Exactly. You have to figure at some point those unemployment checks are going to run out. Last thing we need is to show up to some Hollywood restaurant and realize -- holy crap -- Brandon Routh is our waiter!

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