One of the most overly-buzzed movies recently was last year's Death of a President, the faux documentary by Gabriel Range. A big, fictional what-if movie that dealt with the possibility of President Bush being assassinated, it ticked off a lot of people well before anyone ever saw it. It was considered terribly controversial, etcetera, etcetera. But the thing was, it really wasn't. It was much more procedural than political, and I wasn't the only one to walk out of the theater wondering what the fusswas about. But that's how things often work these days -- react to the what-if, and not the what-is. Now Paramount has tapped Range for a new project, which he will write and direct, and since it isn't about the leader of the U.S. biting the dust, hopefully we can check it out without overly-crazy buzz and uproar.

The project is an untitled drama about a young man who turns up at a home and tells the couple who live there that he is their son, who had disappeared long ago. It's also based on a true story. Note that the plot doesn't say that he returns home, something that becomes even more intriguing when you see Range's discussion of the project: "Of all the stories I covered while making documentaries, this was the most extraordinary story I've ever come across, with the most extraordinary central character, whom I'd spent hours interviewing in a federal detention center." The director says that the story goes through a lot of twists and turns, so it could be an interesting project. Since the word so far is quite insinuating about certain aspects of the story, I imagine that what we can infer is only the beginning. Or, at least, I hope so!
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