Post title edited to remove the details of the latest rumors. Obviously, don't continue reading below if you don't want to know the latest round of rumors.

The U.K. paper The Telegraph recently sat down with the stars of Harry Potter -- HP himself, Daniel Radcliffe, Hermione gal Emma Watson and Ron Weasley -aka- Rupert Grint. During the chat, Watson commented on the rumors circulating about the hacker rumors that circulated recently: "I really want to know what happens. There's a guy who claims he's been able to hack into J. K. Rowling's account, and he's saying that Hermione's going to die, and I found myself getting sad. I hadn't contemplated her dying." Somehow, her death hadn't occurred to me either, and now I'm feeling bad myself. You see, I have this uncanny tendency to really like characters who end up getting axed. Twin Peaks, Scream, Buffy, you name it. (And a different Potter character too, although I won't say who.) If it actually happens, I'm sorry, Emma! It certainly would be a big blow of a twist on the whole death thing. So many people expect Harry to die now that killing Hermione could possibly hurt more. Eh, let's hope not. I don't want to end my Potter experience bummed out.

The interview also delves into lighter topics as well. Radcliffe is apparently a big Peter Sellers fan and wants a film future with dramatic and light-comedy, as well as a whole new kind of world if he was a leader: "Somebody asked me today what I would do if I was a leader of a country and it would be flying saucers and unicycles -- everybody needs a unicycle in life." As for Rupert, ah that kid... It seems he bought an ice cream truck that he drives around: "I don't know why I bought it, but it's really cool. I've always had an interest in the ice cream industry. It's really cool; it's got a freezer in the back and a big kitchen with sinks. It's got a bell that plays a tune. It's really cool." Cool indeed.
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