We often hear about well-known actors either going back to the stage, or embracing the stage later, after securing a solid acting career. Or, there's the movies that head to stage, the theater that heads to the movies and we can't forget -- those that get adaptations on top of redundant adaptations, like The Producers. In the last few days, however, it's all about the directors. In the last week, two news items have popped up that are seeing directors head to the stage -- and another play-to movie-to-play to boot!

First, Variety reported that Ethan Hawke is going to make his off-Broadway directorial debut with a Jonathan Marc Sherman play called Things We Want. It's a dark comedy about three brothers who have to deal with the suicides of both their parents. The production will be part of New Group's 2007-08 season, with previews commencing on October 7. Hawke's already gotten his hands into the acting and directing sides of cinema, and he also got a Tony nomination for his performance in The Coast of Utopia. I'm curious how he'll handle directing the stage. The Hottest State, his latest film, was interesting, but I couldn't really get into it. However, I have this sneaking suspicion that he could whip up some great theater.

More surprising than Hawke's stage forays, The New York Times has reported that Broadway is going to taste Stalag 17 once again. The big twist -- it will be directed by Spike Lee -- the guy who has never worked in theater and as the Times says, can't remember the last play he went to. Apparently, Michael Abbott -- who produced the original premiere years ago for the Lambs Club Off Broadway -- wrote Lee a letter asking him to do it. Lee threw it away, and Abbott wrote again, ultimately convincing him. The idea is to not revive the story, but make it new, and the director says: "I just don't want to do the old okey-doke thing, dust off some old piece and make a revival. If I'm going to make this venture, this debut to the stage, I have to try and come up with some things that are going to make it interesting for me." But luckily, this won't mean rappers. Instead, on source said Clive Owen was being considered. I don't know about you, but this is sounding like a pretty interesting slice of theater, and I'm pondering a trip to the Big Apple now...
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