Talk about a guy who can really use a hit, Variety tells us that Jim Carrey has lined up yet another starring gig -- this time, in the movie Sober Buddies for Universal Pictures. This is the fourth potential project for Carrey, who's apparently still trying to decide which role will be his next. Andrew Kurtzman wrote the script, which revolves around a hard-partying software executive who, for one reason or another, is assigned a court-appointed Sober Buddy (Carrey) to travel with him to Vegas on a business trip and keep him in line. Hilarity ensues when the Sober Buddy loses control and falls off the wagon. Ya know, because it's funny to watch people who can't control their addictions.

Okay, I'm being a bit of a loser here -- of course the premise has comic potential (especially with a drunken Carrey onboard), but I'd much rather seem him playing Robert Ripley in the planned Ripley's Believe It or Not flick. That's ifTim Burton is still directing. Other films Carrey has to choose from include playing a gay prison escapee in I Love You Phillip Morris from the Bad Santa boys Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, or a "reluctant nursemaid to his ailing wife and her family" in the comedy Me Time. Carrey was last seen on screen in the disappointing The Number 23, and last scored a mild hit with the comedy Fun with Dick and Jane. Carrey's never been one to hook up with a clique ( I believe "center of attention" best describes his personality), but it might be good for his career if the guy teams up with someone like Will Ferrell. For example, if they could get Ferrell to play the "hard-partying" exec in Sober Buddies, there's a film I would most certainly get behind.

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