Well, we learned a few things from the 150 captions we received for last week's Live Free or Die Hard contest: 1) Justin Long has made one helluvan impression as the mouthpiece for Mac; 2) Wait a second, is that why he was cast as a hacker in Die Hard?; and 3) Scientology jokes never really get old (just ask the Germans). But we were really hoping somebody, anybody would toss out the classic line (tragically overlooked by the AFI), "Did my bald head give me away?" Anyhow, congrats to our Die Hard DVD Collection winners below.

Sticking with the bald theme, this week we're looking at a shot of John Krasinski, Mandy Moore and the terrifying baby doll they're tasked to nurture in next week's rom com License to Wed. (Robin Williams co-stars as a holy man who may or may not be on massive amounts of cocaine.) Writers of our three favorite caps will win all sorts of License to Wed swag, including a beach towel tote, Frisbee, magnetic word set, and other necessities should you ever get stranded on a desert island. Good luck!

Live Free or Die Hard1. "Of course you see dead people, I'm killing them all." -- Matthew K.

2. "Those mother truckers are gonna pay once I shove their peanuts in their mouths and smear poo poo on their face... Live Free or Die Hard rated PG-13." -- Aaron L.

3. "...And I'm a PC, mother******!"
-- Dan H.

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License to Wed