Director Marc Forster isn't letting the daunting challenge of helming the next Bond film keep him from lining up more projects afte that -- Hollywood Reporter is telling us that Forster is planning to reteam with Mandate Pictures for a drama called Land of Roses. Right now, it's being classified as a "potential" directing vehicle for Forster. The story revovles around a Kurdish immigrant who is falsely improisoned by Homeland Security after 9/11 and is inspired by the experiences of Ibrahim Parlak. Mandate Pictures VP Nathan Kahane had this to say about the project: "When you have a good experience working with someone, you always look for the next project to collaborate on; Land of Roses was that project for us. Albert [Torres] writes with a distinctive voice, and to couple that talent with Marc's vision as a filmmaker is a rare opportunity we didn't want to miss." Sounds pretty definitive to me -- this is Forster's next directing gig, unless something goes wrong.

Now, how about some info on Bond 22? The only thing we've heard recently is some vague rumblings about scenes being set in the Alps and an apparent confirmation that no Bond girls have been cast yet, which we pretty much knew already. If we use Eva Green's casting timetable as a yardstick, we're still several months away from learning who has signed to play the female lead in Bond 22, but then again, Vesper Lynd was a notoriously tough role to cast, so maybe it won't take so long this time. If I had to guess, I'd say that we'll know who at least one of the Bond girls are by September, at the latest, and possibly much sooner.

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