So far we've seen the usual types of promotional materials for 30 Days of Night, also known as "the Alaskan vampire movie," which will be the second feature from Hard Candy director David Slade, and which stars Josh Hartnett and Danny Huston. You can check out a trailer, photo gallery, and teaser poster to whet your appetite for the film's autumn release. However, Ghost House Pictures, a company started by Sam Raimi that specializes in low-budget horror films, is planning some slightly different 30 Days of Night marketing that might prove quite entertaining.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting today that Ghost House is working with FEARnet, the website and video-on-demand channel devoted to horror, to create some short films related to the 30 Days of Night source material. 30 Days of Night was originally a graphic novel series authored by Steve Niles. The movie's plot touches on only a portion of the adventures in the books, so there's plenty more material to adapt. The cast and crew behind the movie won't be involved in these short films -- they'll be directed by Victor Garcia. Instead of Alaska, the shorts will be set in that traditional haven for vampires, New Orleans. Bloody Disgusting wasn't specific on the number of shorts to be made, and I can't find any information about the films on FEARnet yet. We do know that the shorts will be available online -- my guess would be on FEARnet's site -- as the feature's October 19 release date draws closer. While I don't usually get very excited about posters and find most trailers reveal too much plot for my taste, I'm always up for watching a good short film, so I'll keep an eye out for these shorts.
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