The homestead known as Faraway Downs, which will serve as a key set in Baz Luhrmann'sAustralia, has been unexpectedly flooded to such an extent that Luhrmann has pulled up stakes and moved shooting to another part of Australia. "It's like rain in the Sahara, it's as unexpected as that," the film's location manager told the Sydney Morning Herald. "But we're making an epic and if you're making an epic you're going to have setbacks. That's the way [Baz] sees it, I guess." Because of the flooding, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman have been re-routed to Sydney to shoot some interiors while things get under control. All of this re-shuffling will have a financial impact, the location manager admitted. "There will be a cost involved but we did have to shoot in Sydney, so we'll go back there and regroup, and wait for it to brown off again," he said. I think that's Aussie-speak for dry out.

The paper's article contains a good pic of the destruction, and the location manager also made sure to point out to the paper that he wasn't to blame for this situation. "We looked at the records which have existed since 1889 and there has never been anything like this in June," he said. Okay, okay, we believe you. The main site for the film,, has nothing on this latest development. In fact, they haven't even bothered to update the site since June 20. And they call themselves a movie site? Not to worry -- the main Australian papers are picking up the slack, staying on top of every possible news item. Stay tuned to Cinematical for all the latest Australia madness.

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