IMDB currently lists the Jessica Simpson comedy vehicle Blonde Ambition as having a release date of August 3, but the NY Daily News is reporting that the film has been pulled out of August competition because it's "no good." According to the paper, the decision to change the date was made by Simpson's famously involved father/manager Joe. They quote an insider as reporting that after an initial decision to move the film to a later date in August, "Papa Joe then intervened and said he wasn't comfortable with the level of competition from other films that month." The elder Simpson is a credited producer on the film, as he was on Employee on the Month and pretty much all of Jessica Simpson's projects. The Daily News doesn't give any kind of information as to when the film will be released, but it does go on to quote the insider as saying Jessica gives a terrible performance.

Rachael Leigh Cook and Luke Wilson also appear in the film, as well as -- and this is always a bad sign -- Andy Dick. Time will tell if the film finds a more suitable release date, I suppose. Up next for Simpson is Major Movie Star, a sort of Private Benjamin comedy about a movie star, played by Simpson, who enlists. We also heard not so long ago that she might be taking on a starring role in the low-budget horror film Kentucky Fried Horror Movie, but Simpson's publicist denied that.

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