After reading the ancient tale of Beowulf in school, let's just say that the old line from Annie Hall pretty much sums it up for me. So, the new animated film from Robert Zemeckis doesn't have to do much to improve my opinion. The Dutch film site Film Focus now has a first look at the billboard and three posters for the film. But, unfortunately there is not all that much to see. Although even I can recognize Angelina Jolie at 20 paces -- plus the pose seemed to have a touch of Tomb Raider. Based on the medieval epic about a warrior king, the film has an all-star cast that includes Ray Winstone as the warrior Beowulf, Robin Wright Penn, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins, and Crispin Glover as the monster Grendel. The script was written by author Neil Gaiman who definitely knows his way around a mythical battle.

Zemeckis seems to have been bitten by the animation bug in general, having just set up an animation shop at Disney for a series of animated family films that will probably be a little more kid-friendly than what he has in store for Beowulf -- Grendel's looking pretty creepy and Jolie's curves seem to be venturing into Jessica Rabbit territory. The 3-D film was set to premiere at the Venice film festival before WB announced that they were bowing out of the festival because the film was not finished yet. Hopefully Zemeckis can keep the film on track for release on November 16th as promised.

[via Ain't it Cool News]
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