Last week, director Yam Laranas announced on his blog that Amelia Warner would star in his next film, The Echo, alongside Jesse Bradford. Then, he inexplicably yanked the post down from the page and has yet to offer an explanation or a further update. The blog post was live long enough for several outlets to pick it up. In any case, the casting makes sense in light of what Amelia told me when I spoke to her last week. She said she was in talks for a small film and that if she came on board, her work would begin in September -- The Echo is a low-budget film that begins production in New York City in September. So I contacted Amelia's reps over the weekend and told them I was running with this casting by a certain time unless they told me it was bogus. They haven't replied yet, so I'm going with this. If it turns out that some snafu caused her to pull out of the project, then we'll report that too.

Bradford's casting was announced by Hollywood Reporter on June 12, and he'll be playing the part of an ex-con who moves into an apartment building and finds out that his neighbor is a crazy policeman who likes to beat up his wife and daughter. Some kind of curse is placed on his character when he gets involved in their business. If that sounds familiar, it's because this is a remake of the Filipino thriller Sigaw, which was also directed by Laranas. It's unclear who Amelia will be playing in the film, but I assume it's the daughter role and love-interest of Bradford's character. We'll keep you posted with additional details on this project.

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