Just the other day I gave a heads up to the Focus Features preview that included all of their big, upcoming releases -- one of which was David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, which began filming in November of last year. Now there's a trailer up for the film, which is going into wide release on September 14, instead of the previously-planned limited release. Using the Viggo yet again, Cronenberg's film is about a super-creepy Russian named Nikolai (Mortensen), who is a part of one of London's crime families. Life gets sticky when a midwife named Anna (Naomi Watts), uncovers some potential evidence against the family. The screenplay was written by Stephen Knight, writer of the wonderful Dirty Pretty Things, which got him an Oscar nomination for Best Writing, Original Screenplay in 2002.

The trailer is all kinds of Russian mobster goodness and uber creepiness that starts with a dead body on a wet beach. After a little topless Viggo, the trailer gets into the meat of the story. Anna is dealing with a young girl who has died, and the girl's newborn baby. She finds a journal in the dead girl's handbag, which leads her down a risque Russian path. As per usual movie logic, she decides to get the journal translated and start her own investigation. It looks like Armin Mueller-Stahl is a head mob-guy, Vincent Cassel is a crazy mobster or henchman of some sort and Nickolai is the creepy-looking, but maybe honorable, henchman who gets tangled up with Anna. It's a good trailer, free of any of the typical gimmicks, and just a lot of mysterious shots and creepy music. I'm not the biggest Viggo fan, but this looks like a solid film and a great role for the actor.