Since I've already seen Danny Boyle's Sunshine (due out in American theaters on July 20), I can safely say that the recently-released extended trailer is chock-full of spoilers. Granted, since you may not know the characters and story (save for the fact that it's about a group of astronauts sent to re-ignite a dying sun), the trailer might not mean much to you. But once you're experiencing the film up on the big screen, you'll soon realize just how much is spoiled in the trailer ... and may be pissed that you ever watched it in the first place. So keep all that in mind before checking this sucker out. Being the huge Boyle fanboy that I am, Sunshine was one of those films I was really looking forward to. Thankfully, I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait; the visuals alone are mind blowing, and the acting (Chris Evans and Cillian Murphy, especially) was pretty darn good too. That being said, this isn't Armageddon 2. Think more along the lines of Solaris or 2001 -- it's a quiet sci-fi flick that works more as a piece of art than anything else. But if you dig Boyle's style and you're in the mood for a little beauty amongst a summer full of fast-food blockbusters, then Sunshine is a must-see.

At the post screening Q&A with Boyle, he mentioned that he was currently shooting a film in Mumbai, India. We already knew that it was called Slum Dog Millionaire, and that it revolved around a guy who goes on the Hindi version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Aside from that, nada. Well Boyle further explained the film to MTV, and has this to say: "It's based on a true story about this kid who goes on the Hindi version of 'Who Wants to be A Millionaire,' which is a very tough show to win, and he wins it. And [because he's illiterate] they think he's cheated. But actually the film shows how he happens to know the answers to the questions that [they] happen to ask." Boyle went on to say that, as with most things, it all has to do with a girl. "The real reason he is on the show is that he has lost contact with the girl he loves. All he knows is that she watches this show religiously, so he decides to go on the show and try and get [her] back."

What's funny about this is that during the Q&A, someone asked Boyle if he'd be interested in shooting in some other genres. One thing he noted was that he did not feel like he could do comedy (or romantic comedy, for that matter), because he's not a very funny person. And here it is his next film is about a guy going out of his way to land a girl. Go figure. When asked about the Slum Dog Millionaire score during our Q&A, Boyle admitted to being a huge fan of The White Stripes, and would love to bring Jack White out to Mumbai to have him play with some of the popular music over there. Now that's a fantastic idea! No word on a release date just yet, but I'd expect Slum Dog Millionaire (written by Full Monty scribe Simon Beaufoy) to hit theaters sometime next year.