Instead of relishing the sun, a whole bunch of people headed to Fangoria's "Weekend of Horrors" to ring in July at the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey. One attendee called Dread Central with this little bit of news: Stephen King'sInsomnia will hit the big screen, helmed by Rob Schmidt. The director says he is taking on the job for the super-passionate reason: "mainly because King was such a big fan of Wrong Turn." This project is just the latest in the seemingly unending King adaptations in the works -- from his novella The Mist, to the longer tale of Black House.

Insomnia deals with Ralph Roberts -- a man struggling with insomnia since his wife died. He keeps waking up earlier and sleeping less. He takes walks in this time and starts to notice some weird things going on in his town of Derry. "He sees colored ribbons streaming from people's heads. He witnesses two strange little men wandering the city under cover of night. He begins to suspect that these visions are something more than hallucinations brought about by sleep deprivation." Along with his friend, a widow named Lois, they get "enmeshed in events of cosmic significance." This should be an interesting endeavor as the book is pretty huge, but Schmidt says that he'll tackle the size by focusing on the strange town itself. Furthermore, since both Ralph and Lois start off older in the book and get younger, the director will cast two thirty-somethings for the roles, and have Stan Winston age and de-age them. I can't help but wonder if the director will tap Eliza Dushku yet again. While she is a little young yet -- mid-twenties -- she not only starred in Wrong Turn, but also in Schmidt's upcoming flick The Alphabet Killer, which I posted about in December.
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