Is it just me, or has Jamie Foxx's stock quietly dropped in the last year? Following his Best Actor Oscar for Ray, the guy went on to star in Stealth, Jarhead, Miami Vice and Dreamgirls. Looking at that list, I guess you can say his role choices have progressively gotten better over the past couple years, but with only one film currently on the agenda (this fall's The Kingdom), the dude will have to pick up some more work before things become a little sketchy. And that's exactly what he's done; The Hollywood Reporter tell us Foxx has signed on to star in Blood on the Leaves for Paramount Pictures and director George C. Wolfe (Lackawanna Blues).

Based on Jeffrey Stetson's novel, Foxx will play a district attorney suffering through all kinds of turmoil when he's brought on to prosecute a black history professor who's on trial for murdering a group of racist white men during the Civil Rights movement. Could this racially-charged legal drama set during the Civil Rights movement be Foxx's chance to get back in Oscar's good graces? You bet your (insert color) ass it is! Foxx, Marcus King and Jaime Rucker King are producing through their Foxxhole shingle, and Paramount is out searching for someone to play the professor on trial. Laurence Fishburne would make for a really great professor (remember him in Higher Learning?), and so if there's a wise direction to head in, that would be it. No word on a release date as of yet, but you Foxx fanatics can check him out this September 28 in The Kingdom.

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