1983's Beer Drinkers in Space began life when several Disney World employees working on the design and construction of Epcot Center sought to channel their creative energies into a project of their own. The film originated as a multi-part comedy sketch to be serialized on a public access cable show, but wound up as a stand-alone 90-minute feature that made its grand world premiere at a Ground Round in southern Florida. The DVD version of the film, dubbed the "Sober Director's Cut" which trims the film down to a much leaner 60 minutes or so, will be available on July 17 through Tempe Video. So obscure is this little oddity, that the Internet Movie Database has apparently never heard of it.

The crew of the Stro-Light (beer drinkers out there will get that joke) are en route to Nebula 711 to deliver a badly needed shipment of beer. The populace of 711 has been beer-less for six months, thanks to a previous shipment being intercepted and destroyed by an alien race called the Prohbes. The Prohbes are a race without beer, have no concept of fun, and have no tolerance for those who do. Commanding the Stro-Light is Captain Slosh (Marc Delle), a square-jawed hero whose resemblance to Captain James T. Kirk extends to the fact that Captain Slosh wears a Starfleet uniform. Also manning the bridge of the Stro-Light are Tipsy (Ron Cookson), a flamboyantly gay pilot much in the style of Stephen Stucker's character from Airplane, and navigator Tank, played by director Frank Delle.

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