Today brings more news about that mysterious J.J. Abrams project Cloverfield, which recently unleashed a bizarre kickass trailer in front of Transformers. Here's what we know so far: The film is due out on January 18, 2008, it's produced by J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot (Lost, Alias), Paramount Pictures is distributing, and it's apparently a monster movie shot from the POV of handheld video cameras. After viewing said trailer, our own Scott Weinberg said it looks like "The Blair Witch Project meets the Godzilla remake." Well, now, AICN say they know who's directing Cloverfield (or whatever the hell it's called): Matt Reeves. Who? Well, believe it or not, but Reeves was an executive producer and writer on the TV show Felicity, and he also helped the Mark Wahlberg flick The Yards and Under Siege 2. His only big-screen directing gig to date was on The Pallbearer, which he also co-wrote.

Keep in mind that Cloverfield is not the title of this movie; I believe it's the top secret name they're using right now to hide the real title, if there is one. AICN also claims that Drew Godard (Lost, Alias, Buffy) penned the script, and that the featured monster is something called The Parasite. With all the Lost folks involved, some fans speculated that Cloverfield could be a companion piece of sorts to the show. Personally, I'm in the camp that thinks this is a totally new flick -- I just can't understand all this secrecy. What do they have to hide? Is all this hush hush just a plot to drum up internet buzz for the project, or is there another reason why no one will talk about it? Regardless, I think a monster movie told from the POV of folks running around with video cameras has the potential of being a really fun ride, so long as the damn camera doesn't shake repeatedly and give me a headache. We already know there will be a host of major Star Trek XI announcements later this month at ComicCon, so look for more Cloverfield info to be revealed at that time.

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