With shooting currently underway in New Haven, Connecticut, the Unofficial Indiana Jones Movie Blog has received an email from someone who claims to know where production will be heading once they're done filming in and around New Haven and on Yale's Old Campus. Here's what the scooper had to say: "I was at the Essex Steam Train in Connecticut today with my wife and son. There were signs going up for Bedford Train Station and Western Union. Essex Steam Train is a tourist attraction with an old steam engine that generally brings tourists and sightseers up and down the Connecticut River Valley. The train travels up to Deep River Connecticut to let passengers off to ride the Beck Thatcher River boat up the Connecticut River."

The spy goes on to say that Genre Productions crew members were all over the place, hanging signs and painting the station. Another interesting note for anyone looking to sneak in a few pics is that, according to the spy, "the layout of the area would make it difficult for the crew to completely seal off the area as there are multiple ways to approach the facility." I imagine all this is being set up for some sort of train station scene -- but apart from that, we have no idea how it figures into the plot. The blog also has a few links up to a number of photos from the New Haven set, including one crystal clear pic of the motorcycle Shia LaBeouf's character is riding in the photos leaked earlier this past weekend. Should anyone have information on this new location, definitely let us know.Indiana Jones 4 is set to hit theaters on May 22, 2008.

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