Back in March, Variety reported on a bidding war for the rights to remake John Carpenter's action classic Escape From New York. When the dust settled, New Line emerged victorious and the project was put together as a starring vehicle for 300's Gerard Butler. Now, Ain't It Cool News claims to have gotten a first look at the new script by Black Hawk Down writer Ken Nolan and provides their own review. Since this news depends on how much you trust the sources at AICN, you should probably take most of the review with a huge grain of salt. Also, if you are the type who likes to remain "spoiler-free" you should tread lightly, since they are pretty liberal with the reveals. The original film of course starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, an ex-soldier and fugitive who is roped into rescuing the U.S. President from New York, which has been turned into a brutal high-security prison. When news of the remake hit, let's just say that it did not receive a warm welcome from fans or the original Snake -- Russell has since mellowed on the whole thing, but is still far from enthusiastic.

According to AICN's review, the new script manages to keep most of the original film's story and characters while managing to come up with a few ideas of their own, such as flashbacks to Plissken's military career, and an updated political context. The original film was Carpenter's reaction to the Watergate scandal, so the new film is apparently placing Plissken's political dissent in direct connection with the crisis in the Middle East. There are some other changes supposedly on the way, but since the script is still in the draft stage, who knows how much could actually wind up in the finished product?
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