If you're one of the people who enjoyed Bryan Singer's version of the Man of Steel story and were anxiously awaiting his next trip to Metropolis for a sequel to Superman Returns, your wait may have gotten a bit longer. According to Rotten Tomatoes, producing partners Neil Meron and Craig Zadan are moving forward with Singer directing their pet project, a biopic of slain gay right activist Harvey Milk called The Mayor of Castro Street, as soon as Singer finishes with his current film -- the WWII story Valkyrie.

According to them, their film could be Singer's next project, no matter what may have been announced previously. So, what about a Superman sequel? "The next Superman, that's a ways off," claimed Meron, with Zadan adding. "Don't worry about it. Trust me." As for Singer, as we previously reported, he has maintained he would direct the sequel to Superman Returns, currently titled Superman: The Man Of Steel, and that it would be his next project after Valkyrie. But he has also been attached to a Logan's Run remake and has apparently also been attached to The Mayor of Castro Street for two years already.

So, with the director being so busy and apparently being pulled in several directions at once, the question has to be asked: is he going to try and do them all? If so, that's a tall order to be sure and something that would undoubtedly take a great deal of time and effort. Although, with Singer possibly off the Logan's Run remake, that does free up some time in his schedule. Maybe he feels he can now squeeze in the smaller Harvey Milk biopic between Valkyrie and a Superman sequel? Whatever he ends up doing, I just hope he remembers to find some time to sleep.
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