If you watch any amount of television, or keep your eye on TV news sites, you've probably heard of Thomas Dekker -- the kid who played Zach, the cheerleader's gay friend on Heroes. The actor found himself in the middle of controversy when his character was "de-gayed" on the show. There were claims that it was Dekker's agent who started the mess, while the actor says that Zach was always straight. From Heroes, he nabbed the role of John Connor in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and now he's going to star in Phedon Papamichael's indie thriller From Within. Presumably, everyone is on the same page this time about his character's sexuality.

Anyhow, the film is about a God-fearing town and a young girl who lives in it. She's torn between her Christian roots and her desire to experience the outside world. Her urge to leave increases when people of the town being to die suspiciously. I imagine that Elizabeth Rice, also listed to star, will be the girl, and that Dekker is her something or other -- friend? Boyfriend? Sexually-confused counterpart? Who knows. Medium co-star Jake Weber is also starring, along with Adam Goldberg of all people. That's right -- the Hebrew Hammer is in the Christian thriller movie -- as the token character, perhaps, or maybe the guy who whets Rice's out-of-town desires? The script was written by Brad Keene, whose sole writing credit is last year's The Gravedancers, which Christopher Campbell described as: "good, stupid entertainment that knows its ghosts and has a lot of fun introducing them to you." Production on the movie begins next month in Maryland.
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