Newmarket Films has built a tasty reputation by producing and/or distributing such intelligent offerings as The Prestige,God Grew Tired of Us and Death of a President. Their latest endeavor is no less challenging: according to Variety,they have acquired the screen rights to Michelle Richmond's novel The Year of Fog. Richmond's second book has garnered praise as a literary page-turner since its publication at the end of March.

it relates the story of a photographer named Abby and her fiancé Jake. Abby takes Jake's six-year-old daughter to Ocean Beach in San Francisco one day, looks away momentarily to snap a picture, and when she looks back the little girl is gone. As a review in the San Francisco Chronicle reveals, "each reacts according to personal nature, abandoning any semblance of normalcy in the process. Jake's a teacher, a planner, and he throws himself into organizing a storefront volunteer group that keeps him frenetically busy. Abby, a loner, takes off on her own, spending long hours at the beach and in increasingly unsavory neighborhoods." As the search for the little girl continues, the toll upon both Abby and Jake mounts. The only real question mark that has been raised by readers at is about the ending, but beware of possible spoilers if you venture forth.

The Denver Post
review said: "A good part of what makes The Year of Fog compulsively readable is the voice of its narrator." That's the challenge that's been set before Semi Chellas, who has been hired to convert that narrative voice into cinematic terms. She's a veteran writer for Canadian television (The Eleventh Hour, Dead Aviators), though this appears to be her first adaptation of a novel. Have any of you read the book? Would it make a good film? Or is this a story best left to the printed page?
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