NOTE: This article contains speculation by an actor as to how the Harry Potter saga will end. It does not contain spoilers for the Harry Potter series, because the actor in question doesn't know how the Harry Potter series will end and neither do I. Kapeesh? Very well. Proceed. If you want to. The final Harry Potter book will be in stores in about three weeks, and even Harry himself -- Daniel Radcliffe -- doesn't know what the wildly anticipated novel holds. That's not stopping him from making predictions, however. Radcliffe tells the Herald Sun "I think Harry will die. It's the only appropriate way of ending it. How else will J.K. Rowling be able to resist the deafening calls for her to continue (with the books) if Harry is still alive? And, on a selfish level, every actor wants to do a death scene . . . I'm going to milk it."

Ah, but It should be noted that Mr. Radcliffe has not signed on for the seventh Potter movie yet. The boy wonder says, "It all depends on the script and who's going to direct it. It would be foolish to make it for the sake of it." Let me just say, for the record...give me a fuh-reaking break. Radcliffe gains access to a reported $40 million bucks when he turns eighteen later this month. $40 million bucks for waving a wand around, y'all! When I was eighteen, I drove a 1982 Chevy Celebrity and I had a fifty dollar savings bond from my grandmother to my name. It depends on the script, does it Radcliffe? Depends on the director? If it wasn't for the Harry Potter franchise, you'd be getting beat up in gym class right now! Girls wouldn't be screaming your name and fainting every time you make a public appearance, they'd be turning you down when you ask them to the Homecoming Dance. You think high school's fun, punk? Does anyone actually believe the kid would do six movies and then bail? You think Warner Brothers will be cool with that one? "We'll just slap some glasses on Freddie Prinze Jr., nobody will notice!" Come on, Radcliffe! Come the freak on!
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