Huge reshoots on Halloween just a couple months before a horror film's release on August 31? It makes you think of that whole horror shake-up, doesn't it? But c'mon! This is Rob Zombie we're talking about. More Human than Human heavy metal, House of 1000 Corpses, Werewolf Women of the S. S. -- the man's work is completely ingrained in the whole horror culture. And look at him, do you think he'd wipe out the gore and go that whole PG-13 route? Not bloody likely. Instead, it's going in exactly the opposite direction.

Bloody-Disgusting reported over the weekend that Zombie had just wrapped a straight week of grueling re-shoots for the film -- adding a whopping six new death sequences. Considering the fact that it's probably already pretty gory, that's a lot of added mayhem and I wonder if there will be anyone left standing by the end. B-D also says: "the film has been given a serious boost in violence, gore and bloodshed." A year ago, there would probably be all sorts of worry that the film sucked, and Zombie was trying to make it better by changing it up. Now, I can't help but wonder if he's been keeping his eye on the whole de-goring of horror and has decided to up his in protest. But that's not all. The director also shot a new, more gruesome finale for the film. There is no word whether the changes are only in the gore, or if he's diverting from the whole plan set up by John Carpenter in the 70's. So, if there are any of you out there totally disgusted by the direction horror is now going, you'll at least have Zombie to keep you in blood and guts.
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