The last we had heard from Resident Evil: Extinction was the release of the concept art for the film and a short teaser back in February. now has a batch of new pics from the latest film in the franchise. Directed by Russell Mulcahy (who has the dubious credit on his IMDB resume of directing a video for 80's band Human League), the story picks up right where the last movie left off, with Alice, (Milla Jovovich), the butt-kicking genetically enhanced anti-hero out hiding in the wastelands of the Nevada desert. There, she joins up with some new fellow survivors to fight off a virus that turns people into the living un-dead. Of course, the infamous Umbrella Corporation is behind it all. Along with the additions of Ali Larter from TV's Heroes and R&B singer Ashanti, also back for the film are Oded Fehr (The Mummy) as Carlos Oliveira and Mike Epps as L.J. Extinction will be the third film written by Paul W.S. Anderson for the series, and it's apparently not put him off making video-game movies -- he's already on to the next, directing the big-screen adaptation of Spy Hunter.

This latest batch of pictures for Extinction give us another look at Milla in action, with plenty of pouting looks while brandishing a variety of weapons. We also get to see both Larter and Ashanti in their best "bad-ass" stance. Since this is expected to be the last film in the series, fans are probably hoping that Alice is going to go out on a high-note. Extinction is set for release on September 21st, but we'll be keeping you in the loop as soon as there is any news out of this top-secret production.
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