All you sci-fi fans who have been waiting anxiously for news on Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk's Inhabited Island -- the folks at Twitch have you covered. They dug around and found some concept art for the big-budget flick over at Quantum Creations, and I have to say (and this is coming from someone who's admittedly not a huge fan of the sci-fi genre in general) that the art looks pretty darn cool.

It appears from the artwork that the island in question is going to be inhabited by a bevy of wicked-looking creepy creatures, including an appropriately scary werewolf, a weird hooked creature with a tale and a really ugly mug, something called "The Angler," which reminds me a lot of the design for the monsters from the Alien films, at least one "Dark Elf," and a "Snow Devil" I wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley -- or forest.

The site is flash-based, so I have to point you to the main site and then you'll have to navigate your way around from there, but if you click on "concept art," you'll find all the Inhabited Island images your geeky little hearts desire. I've not read the Strugatsky brothers book from which the film will be adapted, and IMDb is short on other info on the film, other than that it will be in Russian, and there's a cast. I was a little amused that under "plot synopsis" it only says "This plot synopsis is empty" -- let's hope that's not indicative of the script. You can read all about the storyline over at Wikipedia, though -- it's a pretty interesting storyline, and could possibly turn out to be a decent sci-fi flick if it's done well. Time will tell ... in the meantime, go look at the pretty pictures and hope for the best. Twitch also has a link to some behind-the-scenes footage, so you can check that out as well.
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