I never thought in all my days that I'd hear someone say they were unimpressed with Oliver Stone's body of work. Stone is the creator of some of my favorite films. I have great love for JFK, Born on the Fourth of July and Platoon is one of the best war films of all time. But Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is apparently unimpressed. Stone recently asked Ahmadinejad to allow him to document his life, but Ahmadinejad declined the offer.

Stone, of course, previously directed two documentaries about the controversial Cuban leader Fidel Castro, despite that leader's cool relationship with the United States, but Stone's friendly approach to Castro apparently wasn't enough to convince Ahmadinejad. He seems to recognize that, as a whole, Stone's films have a disaffection for some of America's foreign policy choices but he still considers the filmmaker as part of the overall problem -- "part of the Great Satan" to be exact.

What would sway the Iranian president's decision? Perhaps if Stone could secure some Iranian filmmakers the right to create a documentary on President Bush and the CIA he may accept his offer. Whether Stone has the power or desire to do any such thing, who knows, but if any director should be allowed to take on the responsibility of profiling such a controversial subject as Ahmadinejad, it's Stone.
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