So lately, a lot of these R-rated comedies have been sneaking in red band trailers to accompany your run-of-the-mill "no nudity or foul language included within" trailers. I'm not exactly sure where they come from, but they're available to watch online and contain some of the more raunchier content for whichever film is being advertised. Today, I have for you the red band trailer for Good Luck Chuck -- the latest Dane Cook flick, starring Jessica Alba. I should warn you that this trailer is rated R, so those of you allergic to foul language and/or sexual content should probably stay away.

In the film (which includes what is perhaps the perfect role for a young, hot, horny actor), Cook plays a guy who's cursed. See, every time he sleeps with a girl, she goes on to marry the next guy she happens to date. Once word gets around, Cook's character is bombarded by marriage-hungry women looking to use his private area as a magic wand (so to speak). Problems arise when he meets Alba; the perfect catch, and a girl he can see himself settling down with. But in order to not lose her to the curse, he goes above and beyond the call of duty ... and we get a pretty nasty taste of that in this brand new trailer. Those of you looking for something a bit tamer can find it in this newly-released clip over at Moviefone. In it, Cook and Alba (as their respective characters) meet for the first time at the wedding of a girl Cook used to date. Some cutesy dialogue paves the way for a physical set piece that has Alba using a towel to wipe hot wax off Cook's crotch area. Man, what I'd give to be his stunt double for that scene. Good Luck Chuck hits theaters on September 21.