About five seconds after the end of the TV show Sex and the City in 2004, speculation started about a movie version. Now, finally -- hopefully not too late for the HBO-produced show to have fallen off everyone's radar -- HBO has announced that a Sex and the City movie is actually happening. It turns out that we should never have doubted actor Mario Cantone, who played Anthony Marantino on the show. Back in February, he mentioned that Michael Patrick King, who produced the TV series, was working on a feature film script based on the show, in which Cantone's character would figure significantly. In May, Cantone said that King would also be directing the film, in his feature directorial debut. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw, confirmed last month that there would be a movie and that she was involved.

Not only is Parker involved, but all four actresses who starred in the series will be returning to the film: Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis. None of them have enjoyed any big movie or TV hits since Sex and the City ended, so perhaps they're hoping this will boost their careers. King is confirmed to write and direct; he's also an executive producer. HBO is finalizing a deal with New Line to finance and distribute the movie, and currently plans to start shooting in the fall. Are you looking forward to seeing the Sex and the City characters on the big screen, or are you wondering why this adaptation is really necessary?
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