In a recent interview, character actor extraordinaire Bob Hoskins let some pretty big news slip regarding an upcoming Robert Zemeckis project. Says Hoskins: "He's going to make A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey." Yes, it looks like director Zemeckis is prepping yet another adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, utilizing the motion capture animation technology he used in The Polar Express and the upcoming Beowulf. And if we're to believe Hoskins, Jim Carrey will star in the film, although the article doesn't say which role he's got. Maybe he'll play multiple roles like Tom Hanks did in Polar Express? I think it's safe to assume Carrey will at least take on Ebenezer Scrooge, and If that's the case, the actor will have played the two most legendary Christmas haters of all time -- Scrooge and The Grinch. What does Carrey have against the holiday? Is it some sort of "Phoebe Cates in Gremlins" repressed childhood memory?

Hoskins has worked with Zemeckis before, he played Eddie Valiant in one of my favorite films -- Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Asked about his role in A Christmas Carol, Hoskins says "He (Zemeckis) wants me to play Mr Fezziwig. He's doing it in that way he did Polar Express. You stand in a box with that funny suit on and it reads everything you do...Am I going to do it? Of course I am!" Hoskins as Fezziwig -- I like it. I'm not sure when Zemeckis decided motion capture is the only way to make films. I sure do hope he returns to traditional filmmaking at some point, the guy's made some great movies. I suppose he's got every reason to go back to the Christmas well after the seasonal success of Polar Express in IMAX. I liked Polar Express and all (the bizarre "Hot Chocolate!" musical number excluded), but does the world really need another version of A Christmas Carol? That has got to be one of the most filmed stories of all time. I guess it does generally work, especially when Bill Murray or The Muppets are involved. Would you guys see this one?
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