I've been keeping an eye on The Princess and the Frog since I first blogged about it back in April. The movie is one of those projects that will either be a positive step towards animated cultural awareness, or another embarrassing attempt to "diversify" Disney's palate of cartoon talent. After sharing concept art for the film, Erik Davis brought word of the voice that would be behind the mouse company's first African-American princess -- Anika Noni Rose. Since then, it seems that the company is at least listening to feedback. Many have pointed out that "Maddy" perhaps wasn't the best name choice for the princess, and her name has since been changed to "Tiana." Aside from a flashy new name, the picture has signed on its villain, which is none other than Keith David.

He's one of those guys you always recognize, but might not know his name, although he's been around for years. His first credited role was in Joseph Papp's recorded theater production of The Pirates of Penzance, and since then, he's had roles in films like Platoon, Reality Bites, Armageddon, Novocaine and Crash. David will voice the sinister villain -- Dr. Facilier. Who's that? I couldn't tell you as Disney has chosen to move away from their use of well-known fairy tales for their next princess story, and instead, they are using an original story by John Musker and Ron Clements. We might not even know for a while. The Hollywood Reporter says that a "2009 holiday release is planned." Could that be Christmas? If so, we got a lot of days ahead of us before little girls get an all-new, and hopefully classy, princess.
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