If you ask most fans, it seems the consensus is that if you didn't like Transformers, you deserve to be shot. While disapproving critics (like our own James Rocchi and Scott Weinberg) deal with personal insults and the occasional death threat ... (one second, I'm just adding to my list of things Transformers and Scientology have in common) ... director Michael Bay is already talking up the sequel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bay (after he noted that he watched 15 minutes of the original 1986 Transformers movie and "wanted to put a gun to my head") says he "has a lot of ideas for the next one." Of course, the powers that be will wait to see how this one does first -- but having grossed $65 million in only two days, I can't see anyone over at Paramount opposing another go-round.

Bay, who's only ever directed one sequel in his career (Bad Boys 2), continued: "There's a lot of really cool, big robot stuff that I had in my head that we didn't do. I just want to see how this works. You might not grow as much as a director [to do a sequel]. But it's kind of like you have your baby and you don't want someone else to take it.." When asked whether he would make Transformers 2 his next film, Bay replied: "I don't know if it would be ready. It just takes so long to do a script. A couple things are on the horizon, but [maybe] I'll do my little movie that I can knock out, because we all think we're going to have a strike." When Bay refers to his "little movie," he's talking about Pain and Gain -- a flick he says is a "mixture of Fargo and Pulp Fiction" about "these guys who work at a gym, and nothing's good enough." Ah, the jokes would be too easy.

Personally, I didn't love nor hate Transformers. My moviegoing experience was fun (people were screaming, cheering, etc ...), but I did feel a tad dumber by the time the credits finally rolled. And no, I'm not some snobby, elitist critic -- I guess I'm just getting tired of watching Michael Bay rip off scenes from ... Michael Bay. Yeah I'd be down for a sequel, but I would also fully support giving someone else a try behind the camera. Heck, Len Wiseman impressed the hell out of me with his action sequences in Live Free or Die Hard -- why not give him a shot?

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