Between the next Indiana Jones movie and the next Batman movie, location spies are really keeping busy. For the Batman pic, The Dark Knight, we've gotten cell phone photos from the unofficial Dark Knight blog, a report from JoBlo about the Joker, a report from Superhero Hype! about Scarecrow and a video from the Mancow radio show showing us footage of the Tumbler. MTV Movies Blog now has some further info for us regarding a new character named Gamble. The character is yet another villain, though certainly not as prominent a bad guy as The Joker. Cast in the role is an actor well-known to comic book fans: Michael Jai White, who played the title superhero in Spawnand who also has voiced characters in the Justice Leaguecartoon. White won the part over rapper/actor David Banner, who MTV had previously reported as having excitedly auditioned back in May.

Many comic and movie fans may be worried that having another villain in The Dark Knight could make it too much like the crowded Batman and Robin or Spider-Man 3. According to MTV Movies Blog, however, Gamble is only a minor thug. The blog got the scoop directly from producers Emma Thomas and Charles Roven that Gamble is one of the crime bosses attempting to fill the place of Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson's character in Batman Begins). The plot of The Dark Knight will begin with Batman having to decide what criminal is a bigger priority, Gamble or The Joker, an dobviously he will choose The Joker. We also know that Scarecrow is in the film, and there are other characters who may later become villains, such as Harvey Dent (Two-Face) and possibly Edward Nygma (The Riddler).

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