Not long ago, we reported on a rumor that suggested Tim Burton was no longer lined up to helm Ripley's Believe It or Not, with Jim Carrey in the starring role. This wasn't official word -- and the trades haven't picked it up yet -- but based on the information Filmick has received, it's looking more and more like this one is true. Brendon is now saying that, according to his sources, Michel Gondry is currently in talks to replace Burton. If it goes down, this would reunite Gondry and Carry for the first time since the duo shelled out one of my favorite films of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I'm a huge fan of Gondry (his last film, The Science of Sleep, was on my top ten of 2006), and he's probably the only man who can replace someone like Burton and still maintain the warped sense of style needed to take on the life of Robert Ripley -- a wealthy eccentric who traveled the world in search of the weird, the strange and the bizarre. Brendon from Filmick doesn't seem all-too happy with the current draft of Ripley's; saying he'd be happier if Gondry's participation led to another rewrite. The film, in development for awhile now, has already had its fare share of script issues. Paramount first put the film on hold last year due to budget concerns, which led to Burton and Carry insisting on a rewrite. Steve Oedekerk was then brought on to pen a new draft, and the goal was to go into production at some point during the latter part of 2008. As far as we know, that's still the plan.

As far as Gondry goes, early word is that his next flick, Be Kind Rewind, will be his most commercial to date. Thus, the big question now becomes: Will Gondry be able to adapt his style so that it appeals to a wider audience without losing too much of what has previously made him so enjoyable to watch? I guess we'll get our first taste of the Hollywood-ized Gondry when Be Kind Rewind hits theaters this winter.

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